Witamy – Willkommen – Welcome  

                  to Camp9, our Silesian countryside hideaway



Please call ahead, if you plan to visit us. Today showed us that the season is still not over. We are still refusing to stick people too close together. Everyone has a right for a quiet spot. And it never feels good to send people without reservations away.



Please note: Due to the ongoing heat period over weeks, we have a water shortage at the campsite at the moment. Should you decide to visit us anyways, please provide yourself with sufficient supplies of drinking water. Do also note, that showers are possible only periodically. We appologize for the inconvenience. (updated 14.08.2018)


It is located next to the city of Tarnowskie Góry in the middle of Upper Silesia, a wonderful and exciting area to visit. Whether you want to stay and relax for a couple of days or you are on your way through to Ukraine, Rumania, the Tatra Mountains or Slowakia, the Camp-9ers always offer a hearty welcome to all true travellers.



   GPS:     N 50° 24.969      E 18° 48.882





Why nature campground?

Out of conviction we are fully ecological outfitted. You will drink and shower purified suface water from our pond (checked regularely for drinking quality). Waste water is biologically cleaned to an amount of 99% and then returned to nature. Since 2017, hot water comes from our heat pump. For 2019 we plan to install solar panels to supply electricity for our campsite.



Please, note: due to our biological waste water purifying system, there is no chemical toilet dump at Camp9. Absolutely not!